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20 bar TPR air hose reinforced with polyester yarn.

Resistant to several chemical products, abrasion and atmospheric agents.

Great flexibility in low temperatures.

Temperature range: -10/+55°C.

Color: black/yellow or black/blue (depending on available stock).

Available lengths: 10 mt and 100 mt lengths.

Applications: Compressed air conduction systems at low pressure and in compressors with air pressure capacities to 20 bar.

Colors may vary depending on available stock.
10mt lengths.
Longer lengths and bigger sizes available on request- please contact our customer service.





High quality durable air hose for low pressure applications.

SKUInside DiameterLengthPriceStockBuy
HP-008-B/Y-AIR-100MT8 mm100 MT 223.83 + vat

In stock

HP-010-B/Y-AIR-100MT10 mm100 MT 273.95 + vat

In stock

HP-013-B/Y-AIR-100MT13 mm100 MT 327.41 + vat

In stock

HP-006-B/Y-AIR-10MT6 mm10 MT 26.70 + vat

In stock

HP-008-B/Y-AIR-10MT8 mm10 MT 30.05 + vat

In stock

HP-006-B/Y-AIR-100MT6 mm100 MT 220.49 + vat

In stock

HP-010-B/Y-AIR-10MT10 mm10 MT 33.39 + vat

In stock

HP-013-B/Y-AIR-10MT13 mm10 MT 40.07 + vat

In stock

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