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Use and Operation
For mounting between the end of a flexible hose and a fixed component to compensate hose’s rotations and torsion and to prevent its damaging. Not suitable for fast and continuous rotations. Used in every production field where systems have flexible moving hose. In line mounting.

Materials and Features

  • Body: zinc-plated steel
  • Poppet Type: low friction seals

Connect ports P to the uses.



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G1010GG 90 3/8"35 l/min200 bar400 bar 32.20 + vat

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G1030GG 90 3/4"100 l/min150 bar300 bar 83.51 + vat

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G1020GG 90 1/2"60l/ min150 bar300 bar 39.05 + vat

In stock

G1040GG 90 1"180 l/min100 bar300 bar 89.21 + vat

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