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Mandrel built hose ideal for suction and discharge of mineral oils and petroleum base products.

Mainly used on tank trucks, petrol stations, etc.



  • Tube: Black synthetic rubber
  • Reinforcement: High tensile strength synthetic textile yarn. Steel wire helix. Antistatic copper wire.
  • Cover: Petroleum based product resistant black synthetic rubber. Wrapped finish.
  • Standard lengths: 40 m coils for diameters up to 102 mm
  • Temperature range: From 30°C to 100° C.
  • Maximum vacuum: 80% (600 mm Hg).

Prices are per meter. Max single coil length is 5 mt.

SKUHose SizeOutside DiameterWorking PressureMin Burst PressureMin Bend RadiusPriceStockBuy
038R-OIL-SD1 1 /2"/ 38.1mm48.0mm10 bar30 bar240mm 27.97 + vat

In stock

051R-OIL2" / 51mm64.0mm10 bar30 bar300mm 35.06 + vat

In stock

060R-OIL-SD2 3/8"/ 60mm74.0mm10 bar30 bar350mm 40.49 + vat

In stock

032R-OIL-S&D1 1/4" / 31.8mm43.0mm10 bar30 bar220mm 25.95 + vat

In stock

025R-OIL-SD1" / 25.4mm35.0mm10 bar30 bar170mm 20.72 + vat

In stock

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