133.98264.91 + vat

Use and Operation
This valve enables to keep “P” flow constant to a certain setting, independently of the required pressure or the inlet flow of the valve.

Exceeded flow is drained in “B” and it is available for a second use.

Port “B” is insensitive to pressure changes but not to flow changes.

Materials and Features

  • Body: zinc-plated steel – aluminium (VPR3 1)
  • Internal Parts: hardened and ground steel
  • Seals: BUNA N standard
  • Tightness: by diameter combination. Minor leakage (few drops per minute)

Connect E to the pressure flow. Connect P to the actuator or to a line of an hydraulic circuit where flow adjustment is needed.

Connect B to the tank or to a second actuator.

To adjust inlet pressure in P screw in or off hand wheel after loosening the locknut.

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Premium 3-Port Flow Control Valve for Hydraulic Systems

Introducing our advanced 3-port flow control valve, designed to revolutionize fluid regulation in hydraulic systems. Crafted with precision engineering, this valve ensures unparalleled control over pressure and flow, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your operations.

Unmatched Flow Control for Hydraulic Circuits

Engineered for performance, our 3-port valve stands as a pinnacle of flow control technology. Through its innovative design, it maintains a constant “P” flow setting, regardless of varying pressures or inlet flows. This unique feature, combined with its pressure-independent “B” port, makes it an exceptional choice for optimizing hydraulic circuits.

Robust Construction for Longevity

Constructed from high-quality materials, including zinc-plated steel and aluminium, this valve guarantees durability even in demanding environments. Its internal parts, composed of hardened and ground steel, ensure longevity and consistent performance.

BUNA N Seals for Enhanced Reliability

Equipped with standard BUNA N seals, this valve achieves superior tightness based on specific diameter combinations.

Versatile Applications

Whether you’re connecting to an actuator or requiring precise flow adjustment within an hydraulic circuit, our 3-port valve excels. Channel the pressure flow through “E,” link “P” to your actuator or hydraulic line, and use “B” for excess flow drainage or secondary actuator connections.

Effortless Adjustment

Fine-tuning the inlet pressure is a breeze with the threaded hand wheel and locknut mechanism. Achieve optimal flow control by simply adjusting the hand wheel after loosening the locknut.

Elevate your hydraulic system’s performance with HydraulicPlanet’s 3-port flow control valve. Crafted for durability, precision, and reliability, it’s the solution you need to achieve consistent flow and pressure regulation in your hydraulic operations.


SKUValve typeMax inlet flowMax adjusted flowMax working pressurePriceStockBuy
V1070VPR3 1/2"80 l/min60 l/min350 bar133.98 + vat

In stock

V1080VPR3 3/4"120 l/min100 l/min350 bar218.98 + vat

In stock

V1090VPR3 1"200 l/min170 l/min350 bar264.91 + vat

In stock

Weight N/A

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