1620 Minimess test point with metal cap and anti vibration O-ring.

  • Max. working pressure: 63 Mpa (630 bar) according to ISO 15171-2
  • Material: Free cutting steel coupling body and cap (1.0718)
  • Sealing: NBR
  • Vibration: NBR
  • Screw in thread: BSP
  • Media application: hydraulic and other oils of a mineral oil basis
  • Temperature ranges for applications with metal cap (standard): -25°C to +100°C, for a short time, can be also used up to +120°C





Used to monitor and control pressure in low or high pressure and vacuum systems. With a leak-proof sealing connection, can be coupled directly to a pressurized system.

TPI-1/41/4" 16.00 + vat

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TPI-1/81/8" 13.00 + vat

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TPI-3/83/8" 17.94 + vat

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