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Wide range of high quality, durable hydraulic hoses for a variety of equipment and applications.
Produced in Italy by Vitillo- manufacturer of premium quality hydraulic products.
Safe, flexible and reliable with many operating pressure ranges, high performance fluid transfer capabilities and optimal levels of abrasion resistance.



  • Hose Type: Standard braided hose
  • Application: Return lines – Pilot Lines – Low – Medium Pressure Hydraulic Lines – Installation constraints
  • Available Cover: Standard
  • Available Cover Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature Range: – 40°C/+100°C (-40°F to +212°F) with peak of +125°C (257°F)
  • Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber
  • Reinforcement: 1 high tensile steel braid
  • Cover: Standard cover: synthetic rubber
  • Type Approval: MSHA

Hose features:  Reduced bending radius

Prices are per meter. Please note max single coil lengths.


SKUHose SizeOutside DiameterMax Working PressureMin Bend RadiusMin Burst PressureMax Single Coil LengthPriceStockBuy
025R-1SC1" / 25.4mm33.4mm88 bar230mm352 bar20mt 11.55 + vat

In stock

010R-1SC3/8" / 9.5mm15.6mm180 bar90mm720 bar60mt 5.35 + vat

In stock

013R-1SC1/2" / 12.8mm19.1mm160 bar130mm640 bar40mt 5.78 + vat

Out of stock

019R-1SC3/4" / 19mm26.0mm105 bar180mm420 bar25mt 8.00 + vat

In stock

006R-1SC1/4" / 6.4mm12.2mm225 bar75mm900 bar80mt 4.11 + vat

In stock

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