Aluminum camlock adaptors and couplings are widely used where quick connect/ disconnect operations are essential. This eliminates the use of threaded fittings or flanges and is one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways of joining two hoses/ hoses to tanks.

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Aluminum camlock – Type A.

Configuration: Male adapter with bsp female thread.

Aluminum camlock coupling used to quickly connect/disconnect PVC suction/discharge hoses or industrial hoses to other hoses or tanks.

Can used for conveyance of water, hydraulic oil, coolants, gasoline and petroleum products.

  • Lightweight
  • Highly abrasive
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Cost effective

Please refer to below table for available sizes.

Easy to use, require no tools to connect and disconnect the two halves of the couplings.

Note: Camlock manufacturers will not guarantee that their parts will interchange or be compatible with those from an alternative supplier. To avoid any issues, you may wish to purchase the matching part with your order.

Other available configurations of aluminum camlocks:  Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type DC, Type DP, Type E, Type F.

A400AL4"8.5 bar 24.45 + vat

In stock

A300AL3"8.5 bar 16.13 + vat

In stock

A250AL2.1/2"10 bar 17.64 + vat

In stock

A200AL2"10 bar 10.33 + vat

In stock

A150AL1.1/2"10 bar 6.85 + vat

In stock

A125AL1.1/4"17 bar 9.84 + vat

In stock

A100AL1"17 bar 4.77 + vat

In stock

A75AL3/4"17 bar 8.94 + vat

In stock

Wide range of high quality, durable hydraulic hoses for a variety of equipment and applications.

Produced in Italy by Vitillo- manufacturer of premium quality hydraulic products.

Safe, flexible and reliable with many operating pressure ranges, high performance fluid transfer capabilities and optimal levels of abrasion resistance.

Prices are per meter.

SKUHose SizeOutside DiameterMax Working PressureMin Burst PressureMin Bend RadiusPriceStockBuy
TH2SC08PRE1/2" / 12.8mm20.4mm350 bar1400 bar80mm 9.46 + vat

In stock

TH2SC16PRE1" / 25.4mm35.3mm230 bar920 bar160mm 19.36 + vat

In stock

TH2SC10PRE5/8" / 16mm24.5mm350 bar1400 bar90mm 11.94 + vat

In stock

TH2SC12PRE3/4" / 19mm27.5mm300 bar1200 bar120mm 12.98 + vat

In stock

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